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Apat (4) Na Paraan Kung Paano Magbenta sa Facebook

Sa panahon natin ngayon, halos lahat ng tao ay may Facebook account. At syempre, ang unang requirement ng mga nagbi-business or may mga negosyo ay ganito – “kung nasaan ang tao, dun ka magbenta“.

Sa English, dapat may ‘foot traffic’ ang pwesto ng tindahan mo. At dahil online business at online selling ang ginagawa natin, saan pa ba maraming tao kung hindi sa Facebook.

Eto ang apat (4) na paraan para mag share at magbenta ng mga produkto mo sa Facebook:

1. Post on your personal profile or your own wall
2. Post on your Facebook groups
3. Direct sell to your Facebook friends and contacts.
4. Advertise using Facebook Ads on your Facebook page

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Sell On Your Personal Profile

Ang unang unang lugar kung saan pwede kang magshare ng product mo ay ang iyong personal Facebook account. And advantage nito ay kilala mo ang mga taong makakakita ng mga products mo. Or at least, mas marami ang kilala mo at kilala ka.

Mas malaki ang chance na may bumili sayo kung kilala at pinagkaka tiwalaan ka ng tao. At dahil mga friends mo na sila – kamag anak, ka trabahao, classmate etc.)

Sell on Facebook Groups

Warning! Warning!

Warning muna bago tayo mag paliwanag. Lahat ng topic at interest mo ay may mga Facebook groups, halimbawa, group para sa cycling, biking, basketball, music at iba pa. Subalit hindi, ulitin ko po, Hindi ito ang groups kung saan kayo mag popost ng mga products nyo.

Usually ang mga ganitong mga Facebook group ay para makipag kaibigan sa ibang tao na may common interest sayo.

Saan ka dapat mag share/post ng binebenta mong products? Usually ito ay mga Buy-and-Sell groups. Oo, karamihang mga members ng ganitong groups ay mga nagbebenta din, pero may mga to din na sumasali sa ganitong group para maghanap ng bibilhin nila. Sila ang target market natin.

Direct sell to your Facebook friends and contacts

Ito ay katulad sa pa share ng products mo sa sarili mong Facebook profile na kung saan ang makakakita ay mga friends mo. Ang pagkakaiba lang ay kakausapin mo ng diretso ang mga taong kakilala mo talaga.

Aminin na natin, hindi lahat ng mgafriends natin sa Facebook ay friends talaga natin or kakilala talaga natin. Maaring sila ay mga kakilala ng mga friends natin na na add na natin or nagpa add sayo sa facebook.

Para sa mga ‘true friends’ natin sa Facebook, yung mga taong kilala tayo, sila yung mga taong pwede nating i-direct sell. Paano? Sa pamamagitan ng PM (private message). Pwede mo silang i-PM at hindi sila magtatanong kung sino ka dahil kilala ka talaga nila. Ngayon, ok lang syempre kung bumili sila or hindi, diba? 🙂

Advertise using Facebook Ads on your Facebook page

Ang topic para sa pag gamit ng Facebook Pages at Facebook Ads ay isa pang mahabang paliwanagan and deserves a whole other post. Pero ang huli at pinaka maraming reach or pinaka maraming makaka kita ng products mo ay ang pag gamit ng Facebook page at pag advertise sa Facebook.

Sa Facebok page (ads) pwede kang mamili kung sino at anong klaseng tao (demographics) ang makakakita ng ads mo. Kung may budget ka para sa marketing and adverts, dapat ay mag aral ka kung paano gamitin at paano mag submit ng ads sa facebook.


Yan po ang ating apat na paraan para mag benta ng ating products online using Facebook. Kung may ibang paraan pa kayo na pwede nating gamitin, pwede nyo pon gi comment sa baba at i share sa ating mga readers!

Don’t forget to subscribe sa ating mailing list at i-download ang ating free ebook! Cheers! Kilos Kaibigan!

Internet Marketing

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting an Online Business

“Is the Internet profitable for business?”, That is the question I often get asked when I was earning money from the internet through my Adsense blogs.

Ang sagot ko? “Oo naman, may pera sa internet”.

May mga ilang kamang anak at kaibigan ako na nagtatanong at nagpaturo sa akin kung papano sila magsisimula. Pero mas marami sa kanila na may doubts at hindi kumbinsido na ang internet business (blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing) ay isang profitable business.

The truth is, there are many individuals that are already earning good amounts of money online.

Marami sa kanila nagsimula lang sa pag ba-blog at pag share lang ng mga personal na kwento before pa nila nalaman na pwede ka pala kumita sa blogging at gamit ang internet in general.

So why internet businesses is one of the most profitable business in the world? Let’s view my article on some of the characteristics of a perfect business.

Based on these points, an internet business is a profitable business because of:

Low Cost, Low Capital, Low Overhead

Starting any traditional business requires a huge amount of capital. We recently put up a Sari Sari store / Grocery Store in our area and it costs us more than Php200,000 ($4,000 approx) for inventory alone.

That store also has an equivalent website (online store) that cost us maybe around Php2000 ($50) for the domain, hosting and logos (or maybe a little more than that if I include the data encoding from a VA).

But the point is, having an internet business is way cheaper that putting up a traditional offline business.

Starting an internet business does not require a huge capital. You can start as cheap as $50 per year by getting your own domain and server.

Also, you don’t have to employ a lot of employees. You can do the whole business by yourself and scale by hiring virtual assistance when you are able to afford.

If you require help for task that you do not know how to do, you can start you business with a little help from freelancers. Like what I did on the data encoding for

Maintenance and overhead cost are also minimal. You do not have much of utility bills, office equipment or employee salaries. Probably the only expense when you start out are additional electric and the internet bills which will be paid on a monthly basis.

Portability – Work Anywhere

work anywhere anytime

Since we already mentioned that there’s not much of an overhead cost in having an internet business because there’s no permanent and traditional office. Your office is practically anywhere!

It is possible for an online business to be mobile. It is a portable business you can take anywhere. Heck, you can stay at a coffee shop (with good wi-fi) the whole day and you are still able to run your business.

An internet business can be operated almost anywhere in the world, any location with an internet connection.

Unlike most business where you have a physical store, an internet business is virtual.

Inventory Management

The most common issue with the traditional business is inventory management. Let’s face it, all businesses has something to do with selling. Selling goods or selling services.

In selling physical items, you will eventually have problems with managing your inventory. Like I mention, with out offline grocer store, we do have to track all items. We should be able to know which items are fast moving and which ones are gathering dust, literally.

My parents have their hardware business and they too are having a hard time and eating up many of their time keeping up with the inventories of their products. This is true in any business that has huge number of inventories.

If you are unable to track your stocks of good, there is a possibility that you will have missing products and your numbers will not tally. And also, let’s be real, your employees can easily ‘take home’ your inventories in small amounts.

In an internet business, you don’t have physical inventories but virtual inventories which are very easy to manage such as articles, host server, domain, links, etc.

Payment Accessibility

Payment in an internet business should be all electronic and hassle free! Unlike a physical business where you get paid or your customer and clients pays you on location, that is, where your establishment is located, in an internet business, all payments are online.

Since you will be selling online and preferable all process are automated, the main way to get paid in an online business is through Paypal, Payoneer, Paymaya and other similar gateway. Once payment is received, you can easily withdraw funds from your local bank.

You can also request your customer for a more traditional and manual way of payment. This is by direct bank deposit, bank transfer. Alternatively, you can also collect your income thru Western Union which has over 320,000 agent locations worldwide.

No Time Constraints

flexi schedule

As I am writing this post, I am in a food court in SM Marilao. (Disclaimer: I do not do this fulltime).  The point is, if you do this full time and if you do have an internet business, you are able to do it anytime, anywhere!

In most businesses, you manage many things. You have to concentrate most of your time in managing the business from hiring the right employees, marketing it, talking to clients, inventory management, etc. In an online business, you manage yourself.. and probably a number of freelancers.

One thing is certain, traditional business is way much more time consuming. In an internet business, you can just devote two to three hours of your time daily by writing quality articles and marketing it.

Of course, like in any other business, success in an internet business cannot be achieved overnight. You have to work hard from the start and as your internet business grows, it can be a source of passive income that can generate income for you while you are sleeping and definitely, you can retire early.

Take this post as an advise only. This is not a get rich quick king of thing. You have to put in the work and time. Consistency is key here.


I hope that the points discussed and presented above made sense. If you have the skill and talent, or if you are able and willing to learn, starting an internet business is a good thing!

If you have any questions, let me know. I am reachable in social media. See you!


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I Signed Up For Payoneer!

I just signed up for a Payoneer Account! Honestly, I really do not have any intent to create an account. I’ve been seeing ads about it on my Facebook wall for weeks now but I’d just brushed it off. I know what Payoneer is and besides I already have Paypal.

Until recently.

I am an affiliate of a beauty and health product company that has been sending me monthly checks for a couple of years now.

Lately though I noticed that the time it takes for the checks to arrive becomes longer and longer. And I there’s an situation once that I lost an $80 check and the company needed to manually re-send one.

When I contacted their affiliate support a few days ago, they suggested to change my mode of payment to either Paypal or Payoneer. They prefer Payoneer though since its more advantages to both parties.

payoneer paypal killerWhat is Payoneer?

Basically Payoneer is similar to Paypal. You can use it to receive and send payment to an individual or company. It’s an online money and e-commerce payment service company. Founded in 2005 and based in New York, Payoneer is venture-backed, profitable and ranked in the top 100 of Inc. 5000’s Financial Services companies.

The company is headquartered in New York City with R&D offices in Tel Aviv, Israel

What Services Do Payoneer Offers?

Payoneer provides cross-border wire transfers, online payments, and refillable debit card service for businesses and working professionals. Payoneer account holders have the option to receive funds into their local bank account or e-wallet, or via a re-loadable prepaid debit card, which is issued through MasterCard and can be used at ATMs or at the point-of-purchase. The cards have been used by New York Hospital to pay clinical trial participants.

As of 2015, Payoneer is available for more than 100 currencies in 200 countries.


Benefits of Using or Signing Up with Payoneerbenefits of payoneer


Since we already mentioned that Payoneer is similar to Paypal, there are also a number of benefits if you want to signup and use Paypal.

  1. Get paid globally as easily as you do locally
  2. Receive and withdraw funds in more than 200 countries, in over 150 countries.
  3. 24/7 customer support in over35 languages.

Have you opened a Payoneer account? It’s free! You should make an account now. Also You’ll receive a $25 as gift from Payoneer.