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I Signed Up For Payoneer!

I just signed up for a Payoneer Account! Honestly, I really do not have any intent to create an account. I’ve been seeing ads about it on my Facebook wall for weeks now but I’d just brushed it off. I know what Payoneer is and besides I already have Paypal.

Until recently.

I am an affiliate of a beauty and health product company that has been sending me monthly checks for a couple of years now.

Lately though I noticed that the time it takes for the checks to arrive becomes longer and longer. And I there’s an situation once that I lost an $80 check and the company needed to manually re-send one.

When I contacted their affiliate support a few days ago, they suggested to change my mode of payment to either Paypal or Payoneer. They prefer Payoneer though since its more advantages to both parties.

payoneer paypal killerWhat is Payoneer?

Basically Payoneer is similar to Paypal. You can use it to receive and send payment to an individual or company. It’s an online money and e-commerce payment service company. Founded in 2005 and based in New York, Payoneer is venture-backed, profitable and ranked in the top 100 of Inc. 5000’s Financial Services companies.

The company is headquartered in New York City with R&D offices in Tel Aviv, Israel

What Services Do Payoneer Offers?

Payoneer provides cross-border wire transfers, online payments, and refillable debit card service for businesses and working professionals. Payoneer account holders have the option to receive funds into their local bank account or e-wallet, or via a re-loadable prepaid debit card, which is issued through MasterCard and can be used at ATMs or at the point-of-purchase. The cards have been used by New York Hospital to pay clinical trial participants.

As of 2015, Payoneer is available for more than 100 currencies in 200 countries.


Benefits of Using or Signing Up with Payoneerbenefits of payoneer


Since we already mentioned that Payoneer is similar to Paypal, there are also a number of benefits if you want to signup and use Paypal.

  1. Get paid globally as easily as you do locally
  2. Receive and withdraw funds in more than 200 countries, in over 150 countries.
  3. 24/7 customer support in over35 languages.

Have you opened a Payoneer account? It’s free! You should make an account now. Also You’ll receive a $25 as gift from Payoneer.